Well, you sly dogs…you got me. Anyone you gave a monkey’s will have worked out that since Summer I’ve developed a severe case of glue-on-the-posterior, which has kept me firmly adhered to the sofa with a bottle of wine in my hand, and pondering my lot, in truth pondering not a lot. The ‘Reading from Home’ project has near written an epilogue to its self – A partial success, and one at least that is still encouraging to me to pay more attention to the books I have at home, and less to picking up everything that my excited eyes see – but it is so hard – I work in a library for Saint Jerome’s sake!

To prove my straying here is a quick list of recommended reads, mostly I’ll stress, comics from the splendid choice at Brighton Library (which, sorry boss, puts Worthing in the shade).

Firstly I was rather overjoyed, and I rarely do joy, to see, as it had a Christmas theme, they’ve rush released the latest of Alan Bradley’s ‘Flavia de Luce’ mysteries; “I am Half-Sick of Shadows”. I love these books, and the precocious Flavia de Luce, I’m sure, will go down as one of the great detective ‘characters’ of all time, as Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey have done before. Alan Bradley writes with glee and poison. It’s a simple as that.

Comics next then. All highly thumbs’d up due to their vision, greater artistic ability, downright strangeness or just for the sheer pleasure of reading comics. I’ve not the time here for a break down – so here are pics with links to other folks jottings….

1) Satchel Paige – striking out Jim Crow  by James Sturm and Rich Tommatso.

I’m by far not  a sports fan, but this, similarly to Sturm’s The Golem’s Mighty Swing tells a personal and important historic tale of baseball in the 1920’s and 30’s.

The Killer – by Jacaon & Katz

A tale of a professional, heartless assassin on the verge of cracking.

Wet Moon – Feeble Wanderings – by Ross Campbell.

Tales of ‘gothic’ disaffected, lonely teenagers and their chums and trials and tribulations. Beautifully drawn. Sort of reminds one of Jaime Hernandez’s ‘Locas’ mixed with a tiny bit of ‘Black Hole’ by Charles Burns.

back soon with more!